Wednesday, December 2, 2015

5 reasons why you should experience Global Get together in Tokyo during your stay with kids

1, Great tips from locals
As local families they know where to go and what to do with kids in Tokyo. You will get local tips of kids-friendly places. Remember, locals can read Japanese! That is already a big help!

2, The more the merrier
If you have more company, anywhere you go would be much more fun! Playing and eating with new friends in a different country would be an exciting experience for kids. The more the merrier, get together with local families in Japan!

3, Parents can exchange different parenting information
Since local families you get together with have kids around the same age, parents can easily find common parenting topics. You will have a chance to learn the Japanese way of parenting. Is it different from yours? You will see!

4, Kids can expand their horizon
Parents are often surprised how quickly kids can be friends even if they speak different languages. Kids are much more flexible than parents in terms of expanding their horizon. Kids are natural learner of different culture and respecting it.

5, Unique experience at no cost
Nothing more than meeting locals makes your travel unique. 
You discover the real Japan that you cannot find in guide books. 

What are you waiting for? 
Request to Get together in Tokyo now!

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